We add you the expertise, as well as the tools, to deliver the products

idkfa.team provides IT startups and existing businesses the first-class team and frameworks
We Work With You on
Pain validation and solution delivery
Startup Fast Fails
The key idea of SFFF is to support startups and founders to validate hypotheses in the most efficient way.
Enterprise Pains Solving Framework
The key idea of EPSF is to support departments and C-level managers to realize strategic plans and reach KPI's.
We're Good at
Kinda everything. But here's what we can offer right away
Order management
Transactions processing
Fiat/blockchain payments
Blockchain wallets
Blockchain tokens
Ticket management
Ticket distribution
Seat mapping
Access control
Ready to Kick Off?
Here's how we work
Product discovery
We take a close look at your idea to discover the best ways to find product/market fit.
Minimum viable product
We help with scopes identification, a budget, timelines plan, and launch.
Collaboration & delivery
We apply the iterative approach and deliver continuously to verify many hypotheses in a short time.
Transition & knowledge transfer
We implement seamless knowledge transfer to your team and support it in solving issues.
About Us
We are the team of hardcore, engaged techies, analysts, and managers with an ultimate wish of making the world a better place.
Our team leads, too, have more than 10 years of experience in IT product development for customers from the USA and Europe – and are want to share it.
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